The Covert Diamond™
The Covert Diamond™
The Covert Diamond™
The Covert Diamond™
The Covert Diamond™

The Covert Diamond™

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Introducing....The Covert Diamond!

The Covert Diamond™ is our most advanced fully-functioning, attachable prosthetic penis.

This new advancement on the Covert adds an internal reproductive system with the addition of the Ejacu-Loader™. This allows the wearer to preload their left testicle with the provided Ejacu-Fluid™ (pseudo semen that looks and smells real!)

To release, just give your ball a good squeeze and your penis will ejaculate!

See video here

Use the new Refresher Valve located behind the scrotum to occasionally add more lubrication and release any naturally formed air.

This version comes with a flaccid shaft that is made semi-erect by the Erecto-Mate™ (a built-in erection pump that is operated by the right testicle). 


Fully moveable skin and scrotum

•Functioning Testicles 

•Ejacu-Loader™, Injector and Ejacu-Fluid™ 


•Concealed Refresher Valve 



*Long-term wear

*Detailed sensations

*Comfortable strong attachment

*Blends in for Stealthness

*Suction to T phallus (Feels Amazing!)



The STP Cup/Urination feature

This product is designed for easy leakproof urination. Due to our unique attachment system which allows the product to cure to your skin, the stp (stand-to-pee) feature is very quick and simple to use! Simply point your shaft and reinforce the stp cup against you as seen on the demo videos page below. Then, shake it out and youre good!



This prosthetic comes with a flaccid shaft that with an internal erection system. To make your penis erect, you unplug the back plug and squeeze your right ball 8-12 times, then close the plug and you're ready to go.

To release it back to it's flaccid state, just unplug and the two valves described in the user manual and in this video here.

Each order comes with a full user manual, link to private How-To video and a sample Diamond Kit (two 4 oz bottles and much more).

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