The Covert Gold™
Moving skin prosthetic packer for transgender men
Brown prosthetic penis realistic. attachable ftm prosthetic
Attachable prosthetic alternative to lower surgery
The Covert Gold™
The Covert Gold™
The Covert Gold™
The Covert Gold™
The Covert Gold™
The Covert Gold™
The Covert Gold™
The Covert Gold™
The Covert Gold™
The Covert Gold™
The Covert Gold™
The Covert Gold™

The Covert Gold™

Choice Designs Pro

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This new advancement on the Covert adds an internal reproductive system with the addition of the Ejacu-Loader™. This allows the wearer to preload their left testicle with the provided Ejacu-Fluid™  which has a clean, realistic semen scent! Can also request unscented.

To release, just give your ball a good squeeze and your penis will ejaculate!



•Fully moveable skin and scrotum

•Functioning Testicles

•Ejacu-Loader™, Injector and Ejacu-Fluid™ (realistic semen scented)

•Concealed Refresher Valve 

•Semi-Erect Shaft (No tools needed) Can also be ordered flaccid with an STP rod. 

Skin tone can be customized. See our Instagram (@ChoiceDesignsPro) page for videos of all of our skin tones.

See Covert Diamond for both EjacuLoader and ErectoMate features.

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 Production time is 12-16 weeks. 

Comes with tab by default, but can be ordered with no tab. With a tab is easier for beginners, without a tab has a stealthier appearance when attached.

The Bio+ feature is included with the Covert Pro, Covert Gold or the Covert Diamond. This design addition to the EjacuLoader can be used to ejaculate EjacuFluid (included in your attachment kit) your own natural arousal fluid (wetness) or it can also be used as a self-drying system to dry the cup completely after urinating. You can preload the left ball with EjacuFluid, or leave it empty to utilize the other features. To use for self-dry or self-ejaculation, simply squeeze your left testicle and, on the release, any fluid that is in the cup will be drawn/sucked into the ball. When you squeeze the ball again, the fluid that is inside will shoot out through the tip of your penis! See full video for more detailed explanation and demonstration.



Video of Covert Gold 5" Medium Brown (Instagram)


The product is fully functioning meaning you can fully attach it to the body, urinate through it, wear it all day and use it for intimacy.

This prosthetic actually attaches to your body! Most products just stick to your pelvis with brush on glue.. but not ours. CureMate™ is a 2 part silicone mix that is used to cure the tab and cup directly to your skin. All day wear is ideal with this product and should be washed daily. See Demo

The wearer can shower while wearing the Covert as well as rinse the product out. This design provides air circulation to anatomy as well as sensations like suction on your "T phallus" during intimacy along with feeling the balls moving against you!


The STP Cup/Urination feature

This product is designed for easy leakproof urination. Due to our unique attachment system which allows the product to cure to your skin, the stp (stand-to-pee) feature is very quick and simple to use! Simply point your shaft and reinforce the stp cup against you as seen in the demo video below. Then, shake it out and youre good! 

*A full user manual is provided  


This prosthetic comes with a semi-erect shaft, which means intercourse is possible without the need to insert a rod. During sexual activity/daily wear, touching and movement of the shaft is felt by the wearer. Suction is also felt on the wearer's T phallus during oral intimacy and intercourse.

If you order this item flaccid, the STP erection rod can be inserted into the shaft before attaching the product. The shaft will be firmer but you can pack and urinate and usual.


The Covert Gold's attachment kit comes with premium items EjacuFluid, HairDust and Flesh Gel. Two 4 oz bottles of CureMate a detailed user manual and all tools are also included in the sample kit with each order. Once the prosthetic is attached, mix another cup to smooth over the tab edges for 100% realism (undetectable as a prosthetic to the eye) See Demo.

This product can also be worn all day, 3 days max with showering (rinsing out). It may also be worn with a Jockstrap for quick and easy placement and durable enough for sex. See products page.



Return Policy: Due to the nature of the item, returns are not accepted once the product has been received.