The V-1000™
The V-1000™
The V-1000™
The V-1000™
The V-1000™
The V-1000™
The V-1000™
The V-1000™

The V-1000™

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The V-1000™ is our attachable prosthetic vagina designed to fit pre-op transgender women. This prosthetic is attachable with urination capability and a built-in vaginal canal. 

User manual and Attachment kit included as well as a link to our exclusive User How-To video.

The CureMate™ is a special mixture that actually cures the piece to your skin. This is also used to smooth over the prosthetic's edges while attached and blend into the skin Read more below.

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Attaching the V-1000™

 The prosthetic attaches to the pelvis and down the sides of the groin. You can wear the V-1000™ all day and when you are ready to remove it, you simply peel the prosthetic off. We recommend wearing this product no more than 2 days at a time before removing, cleaning, taking a short break and reattaching.


See photos of the prosthetic attached to a trans woman's body. 

There is no sticky residue like brush-on adhesive! Our CureMate™ is a quick curing silicone that cures the prosthetic to your body for a sweat-proof long lasting bond.


Two 4 oz bottles of CureMate and all tools are included with each order. Once the prosthetic is attached, use the provided Blending Kit to smooth over the tab edges for 100% realism (undetectable as a prosthetic to the eye).

While wearing this prosthetic you can urinate while seated through the bottom opening in the back. The built-in vaginal canal can be pre-lubricated and runs parallel to the wearer's shaft. Erotic sensation is passed directly through the vaginal wall to the wearer's anatomy.

(See V-1000 Platinum with V-Pouch)

Return Policy: Due to the nature of the item, returns/repairs are not accepted once the product has been received.