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Hush-X² is our 1st ever prosthetic breasts model.  

This item comes in pairs and can be custom ordered. They include a built-in feature that allows suction to be passed to the wearer's nipple through the nipples of the prosthetic while wearing them.

These prosthetics include 100% bio detail and attach with CureMate in the provided attachment kit. See Demo Videos page to see how CureMate works. 

The Hush-X2 can be worn all day

Currently the Caucasian, Tan and Medium Brown C cups are IN STOCK!

Order ships in 3-5 days.

Production time for other sizes is 6-8 weeks.

View Demo video (see medium brown) on Instagram 



Provides solutions for:

*Trans women

*Post-op mastectomy 

*Drag performance

*Surgery alternative to breast augmentation 


*Comes with Attachment Kit and User Manual

Can be ordered for a flat chest or customized to fit over existing breasts. Can also be ordered in singles. Email us at for a custom order.

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